Dr Susannah Bourne-Worster

Susannah won an Royal Commission 1851 fellowship to work for three years on development of theories for energy transport in biological and artificial photosynthetic systems. She works jointly with Fred and with Prof Noah Linden in the School of Mathematics.

Dr Fidel Batista Romero

Fidel is a Royal Society Newton International Fellow, working on quasiparticle-based quantum-polarization models.

Dr Thomas Dresselhaus

Thomas has recently joined the group is currently working on our  entos electronic structure software project.

Dr Alex Buccheri

Alex is working jointly with Prof Neil Allan and with Fred on a project to incorporate density-functional tight binding functionality in the DL_POLY simulation code. He is funded by EPSRC EP/P022308/1.

Graduate students

Rocco Meli

Rocco is working on periodic boundary conditions in entos, and is planning an investigation into correlated extensions of embedded mean-field theory. He is funded through the TMCS CDT.

Callum Bungey

Callum is working on the coupled electron-vibration problem, in particular working on the theory of mixed fermion/boson coupled cluster. Callum is funded through the TMCS CDT.

Tim Wiles

Tim is currently working on the use of Unsöld-type approximations to make a novel class of correlation density functionals. He is also doing great stuff looking after entos. Tim is funded through the TMCS CDT.

TMCS project studentslogo_screen

We’ll be welcoming more TMCS project students around Easter.

Undergraduate students

Currently Harry Stroud, Joe Harper and Rich Hall are working in the group on undergraduate projects. Harry is working on mean-field and CI approaches for vibronic model Hamiltonians for pyrazine; Joe is doing embedding calculations to compute the effect of nanotubes on water-water interactions; and Rich is investigating variants of Delta-SCF for valence excited states of small chromophores.