Dr Casper Svendsen

Casper is working on using quantum Drude oscillators to make polarisable embedding theories for modelling excited states in complex systems. He is funded by the Danish Research Council.

Dr Takashi Tsuchiyaentos-logo

Takashi is working on implementation of embedded mean-field theory (and related things) in our new entos software package. He is funded by EPSRC EP/M013111/1.

Dr Simon Bennie

Simon works on projector-based wavefunction-in-DFT embedding [10.1021/ct300544e], and related theories and applications. He is the main Bristol developer of embedding methods in the Molpro quantum chemistry package.

Graduate students

Tim Wilesintception_logo

Tim is currently working on the use of Unsöld-type approximations to make a novel class of correlation density functionals. He is also doing great stuff looking after Intception. Tim is funded through the TMCS CDT.

Felix Vaughan

Felix works on modelling energy transport in photosynthesis, in particular modelling system/bath interactions in model hamiltonians parameterised to model purple bacteria LH2. Felix is funded through the BCCS CDT, and co-supervised by Prof Noah Linden.

Clem Stross

Clem works on understanding energy transport in photosynthesis, most recently focusing his efforts on using quantum electrodynamics to understand the nature of the quantum states formed on light absorption. Clem is co-supervised by Prof Noah Linden.

TMCS project studentslogo_screen

We’ll be welcoming more TMCS project students (Callum Bungey and Thomas Fay) in a few weeks.

Undergraduate students

Currently Jenna Ram and Joey Salmon are working in the group on undergraduate projects. Jenna is working on mean-field and CI approaches for model Hamiltonians describing nonadiabatic dynamics. Joey is working on molecular dynamics simulations of the purple bacteria light-harvesting complex LH1.